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Karachi AI - Meetup # 19 : Artificial Intelligence in Textile / Fashion Industry and Generative AI Beyond


Press Release By: Mesum Raza Hemani (Founder), Dated: Sunday, 09th Mar 2024 @ AIFD @ IU Main Auditorium, Iqra University, Karachi

The Karachi.AI quarterly summit took place on 9th Mar 2024 in Collaboration with Venue Partner AIFD, @ Iqra University Main Auditorium, Karachi. in strategic collaboration with Iqra University, TMUC Karachi, Mehran University of Engineering and Technology, AATCC - NED Chapter, and Indus University. The event was partnered with Hamdard AI Society, Microsoft Student Learn Ambassador Chapters, IEEE Women SSUET & More.

The event brought together experts from various industries to discuss the application of artificial intelligence in Textile / Fashion Industry and the revolution of Generative AI in spaces beyond Text. The event was hosted by Mr. Muhammad Tauqeer from Karachi AI and he welcomed all the participants with zeal and introduced the event and its theme and provided an overview of the upcoming talks.

Nineteenth in the series, as ritual to begin with familiarity the event commenced with a warm Community Introduction by Mr. Mesum Raza Hemani, Founder of Karachi AI and his talk to the audience about organization and its vision, and the importance of learning Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Skills. Under his excellence audience learned about the budding importance of Data Skills and cross domain innovation to put Pakistan in the winning lines.

Followed by the introduction a heartfelt Welcome Note from Ms. Neha Malik (Director), extending greetings on behalf AIFD to all the participants. She also appreciated Karachi AI’s efforts to conduct regular meetups on AI across the industries.

The first talk was initiated by Dr. Farrukh Shahid, a Research Fellow at FAST NUCES, shared his expertise on AI for Product Design and Ideation, providing valuable insights into how AI technologies can enhance the creative process in fashion design. He highlighted the use of AI algorithms to generate innovative design ideas, streamline the prototyping process, and optimize product development workflows.

Dr. Farrukh also brought students under his mentorship to stage to show case relevant final year projects by students who took turns to present their projects for virtual try on and more.

Following him, Mr. Tauseef Haider, Global Product Designer at H&M, delved into the application of AI in Manufacturing & Production, showcasing real-world examples of how AI-driven technologies are revolutionizing manufacturing processes in the fashion industry. He discussed the implementation of AI-powered predictive analytics for demand forecasting, automated quality control systems, and robotic automation in production facilities.

Second last in the Fashion Segment, Mr. Suhail Ahmed, AI/DS Faculty at FAST NUCES, explored the role of AI in Fashion Display & Marketing, emphasizing the importance of data-driven marketing strategies and personalized customer experiences. He discussed the use of AI-driven recommendation systems for personalized product recommendations, virtual try-on experiences, and targeted marketing campaigns tailored to individual customer preferences.

Finally, Mr. Humair Hameed, Director at Chhottani Apparel, focused on AI for Textile Sustainability & Recycling, highlighting the potential of AI technologies to promote sustainability and reduce environmental impact in the textile industry. He discussed the use of AI-powered data analytics to optimize supply chain processes, minimize waste, and identify opportunities for recycling and reuse of materials.

In the second half of the Meetup, the focus shifted to Applied Generative AI in Fashion and Textile and its revolution beyond typical content generation. To lead the segment, Mr. Noor Hamdani, Manager Digital Design at AGI Denim, discussing Applied Generative AI and its transformative potential in the textile industry. He showcased examples of how generative AI such as Stable Diffusion and 3D Asset Generation can be used to create unique and customizable designs, enhance creativity in textile, and streamline the development process.

The Meetup concluded with a closing note from Faculty Member from AIFD. She emphasized the increasing significance of AI in today's world and motivated attendees to continue their journey of learning and exploration in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

Lastly all the speakers and venue partners were honored with souvenirs of appreciation courtesy of the Ms. Sana (AIFD – IRD).

Following the event networking and snacks were served to engage audience in peer to peer networking. The event was also covered by various media outlets interested to showcase positive image of Pakistan in technology market.

Karachi.AI is a fellow chapter of City.AI a global community of Applied Artificial Intelligence practitioners situated in 6 Continents across 63 Cities of the World, organizing quarterly meetups and scheduled for next one in Sep 2023 to discuss latest trends in AI and learn experience from experts.

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