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Karachi AI - Meetup # 16 : Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture & Real Estate

Updated: Feb 24, 2023


Press Release By: Mesum Raza Hemani (Founder), Dated: Sunday, 19th February 2023 @ Sir Syed University, F Block Auditorium

The Karachi.AI quarterly summit took place on 19th February 2023 at F Block Auditorium, Sir Syed University, Karachi in collaboration with Sir Syed University SED Department, IEEE Student and Women in Engineering Wings.

The event brought together experts from various industries to discuss the application of artificial intelligence in agriculture, real estate, and construction. It began with a community introduction by Karachi AI's founder, Mr. Mesum Raza Hemani, He introduced the event and its theme, Artificial Intelligence, and provided an overview of the upcoming speakers and topics.

Sixteenth in the series and first event again onsite after COVID-19 Break, the event was initiated with the founder’s keynote to the audience about organization and its vision, and the importance of learning Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Skills. Under his excellence audience learned about the budding importance of Data Skills and cross domain innovation to put Pakistan in the winning lines. Mr. Mesum Raza Hemani also introduced audience with the organization’s activities, progress and performance.

The first topic discussed was Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture and Farming, Mr. Irtaza Ali, the Founder of AIRNEX Global Pvt Limited, discussed precision agriculture and autonomous farming. He highlighted the importance of precision agriculture in increasing crop yield, minimizing resource wastage, and reducing environmental impact. Mr. Ali also shared his insights on the role of autonomous farming in revolutionizing the agriculture industry

Following the likes of previous speaker, Mr. Umaid Ahmed, Vision Expert at Love for Data, discussed crop monitoring and animal husbandry. He explained the importance of accurate data collection and analysis in improving crop yield and animal health. Mr. Ahmed also shared his expertise on the use of machine learning algorithms in predicting crop yields and detecting animal diseases. He also presented his PHD Case Study for Mango monitoring and crop management using AI & Computer Vision.

The last speaker of segment was Dr. Khurram Ahmed, representing RCAI and CROP 2X. His talk started with Existing and potential user cases his organization has initiated in AI driven decision science and predictive maintenance. He emphasized the importance of data-driven decision making in optimizing maintenance schedules and reducing operational costs. Dr. Ahmed also shared his insights on the role of predictive maintenance in improving equipment reliability and minimizing downtime.

As all speakers concluded for the section a small 10 minutes Applied AI Clinic was observed for Audience to ask questions from Speakers presenting the segment. A small break was announced for participants to energize for next segment. After a short break, the focus shifted to artificial intelligence in real estate and construction

The first talk open by Mr. Atif Arafin, founder of & Ms. Rubia Qamar from Rubix Consultancy collectively, discussed property project management and valuation. they shared expertise on the use of artificial intelligence in property valuation and project management. Mr. Arafin also discussed the challenges and opportunities of using AI in the real estate industry. Ms. Rubia Qamar highlighted many potential use cases / startups using AI to manage projects and valuations.

Following him, Mr. Muhammad Taha, representing Osmani & Company and RMJM, discussed property design, smart homes, and virtual demos. He explained the role of AI in creating smart homes and using virtual demos to showcase property designs. Mr. Taha also shared his insights on the future of property design and how AI can be used to enhance customer experience. As the use cases and video demos took audience in awestruck everyone in the audience was delighted to learn about how cutting edge and modern Generative AI is powering wide variety of use cases in the design industry.

Finally, Dr. Shahab Siddiqui, representing Nazeer Hussain University, discussed predictive property management and surveillance. He shared his expertise on the use of AI in predictive maintenance and security surveillance. Dr. Siddiqui also highlighted the potential of AI in detecting anomalies and predicting maintenance issues before they occur. His talk presented several products and utilities that can be deployed to manage Smart Homes, Buildings and Areas.

It was an honor to have Prof. Dr. Vali Uddin Sb (VC SSUET) as guest of honor at the event. He delivered his closing remarks with nostalgic highlights of progress of technology from his childhood and how the upcoming world is shaping. He also stressed how new technologies such as ChatGPT have been disrupting many industries including the Education sector and stressed importance on gearing up teachers and students for the upcoming challenge.

In the end he appreciated Karachi AI’s effort of having this wonderful event. He appreciated the speakers with presenting souvenirs. Later Dr. Sb was presented with a Shield of honor for his valuable presence.

Following the event networking and snacks were served to engage audience in peer to peer networking. The event was also covered by various media outlets interested to showcase positive image of Pakistan in technology market.

Karachi.AI is a fellow chapter of City.AI a global community of Applied Artificial Intelligence practitioners situated in 6 Continents across 63 Cities of the World, organizing quarterly meetups and scheduled for next one in May 2023 to discuss latest trends in AI and learn experience from experts.

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