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We understand, Each person has a unique Background, Education and Experiences.

Check out our Pathway guidance for Professionals with CS or Non-CS Background

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Discover Best Data Science
Degrees in Karachi, Pakistan

Pursuing a Degree Program vs Getting Certified

If you're willing to do a complete bachelors in the emerging field or topping up your existing degree with a Masters in Data Science, you will require to spare at least

A. 4 Years in a Bachelors Program

B. 2 Years in a Masters Program

The outcome is super promising as a the culture of degree will support your here in Karachi to obtain your dream roles without a much question.

Most of the companies having Data Science roles now require relevant degrees in Mathematics, Computer Science or Specific ones such as MS DS or BS DS.

If you're a Computer Science Graduate then you will be preferred an admission into premier computer science university, However if you are a Business graduate get prepared to be enrolled in a mediocre Data Science bachelors program. 

How ever for your knowledge this is not only the hot route, people are now favouring short Certifications over full bore Data Science degrees to speed up the skills and get hands dirty in the industry to earn valuable experience and get ahead in careers.

Still not convinced? Explore Degree Programs

Guidance on Online Learning at Home at your own Pace for Free

Warning : This shall not be fit for everyone!
In the modern times, learning a skills takes no time then accessing it online and learning from resources such as Coursera, EDx and Udemy.

We have compiled a list of skills in the Journey that are required to pursue a career in Data Science.

Our prediction says, that every professional must required data skills in the next coming 5 years, according to Coursera Skill Survey and our analysis on LinkedIn Jobs Requirements.

We have written a details blogs on necessary skills required around basic understanding of data with:

1. Excel & Data Visualization Skills
2. SQL & Python Programming Skills
3. Machine Learning Literacy & Application
4. Data Engineering Skills in Cloud for CS / SE Professionals

Check out this resource that you can follow to do your self...
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