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Karachi AI - Meetup # 15 : Earning you First Freelancer $ with Data Science and Engineering Skills

Updated: Feb 23, 2023


Press Release By: Mesum Raza Hemani (Founder), Dated: Saturday, 25th September 2022 @ Muhammad Ali Jinnah University, CS Auditorium

The Karachi AI quarterly summit took place on 25th September 2022 at CS Auditorium, Muhammad Ali Jinnah University, Karachi in collaboration with Pakistan Freelancers Association and WomenInTechPK. One of the biggest contributions into Local Pakistani Data Science and Freelancing landscape, the event brought AI Technologists, Data Scientist, Data Engineers and Analytics professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds to learn more about the upcoming future of works and freelancing avenue with tangible data skills.

Fifteenth in the series and first event again onsite after COVID-19 Break, the event was initiated with the founder’s keynote to the audience about organization and its vision, and the importance of learning Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Skills. Under his excellence audience learned about the budding importance of Data Skills and cross domain innovation to put Pakistan in the winning lines. Mr. Mesum Raza Hemani also introduced audience with the event theme and schedule.

Inviting the Partners, Mr. Ibrahim Amin (Executive Vice President – PAFLA) joined the stage to present the great opportunity of freelancing and how Pakistan Freelancers Association is advocating the demands and needs of the most scattered community. His excellency guided about various initiatives and developments with local banking ecosystem to empower freelancers and micro-agency / SME owners to involve with banking channel and be recognized as an industry. The audience was delighted to learn and enthusiast asked valuable questions of concerns live to clear the doubt.

As the audience were doomed with the new area introduced, more people were excited to learn how Data Science skill could be utilized to export valuable services to foreign clients, It was the perfect moment to call in Mr. Usman Abbas who is a Data Scientist on Upwork and avid Top-Rated freelancer. Soon he joined the stage he took over people with new immersion of opportunities for people with Data Skills and clearing all the rumors around Freelance roles as Data Analyst and Data Scientist.

In continuation to previous speaker, the program theme took a new level to introduce Freelancing with Business Intelligence Skills. This time Mr. Ramz Aftab (BI Lead at Contour) joined the stage who himself has led a phenom growing company in his past. He introduced about his journey and humble beginning to the pathway to acquire skill. Mr. Ramz also took opportunity to share all his learnings running a startup in past and as well as dynamics of the freelance job market. The audience was so much motivating to learn more after his valuable talk.

The audience took a break from core learning to actual hands-on workshop on Upwork! Joined by Ms. Faiza Yousuf, Program Manager at GeneTech, Founder of WomenInTechPK and a Expert Rated Freelancer on Upwork. Faiza opened the new landmark of opportunity for the audience to learn live freelancing where she took from Profile creation to Bidding your first work, from Exploring Data Science Projects to delivering one. She packaged the experience with live walkthrough of the platform and as well as shared her wisdom. People loved the session and vowed to create one.

As the event proceeded it was the right time to introduce Cloud Computing and Data Engineering Subjects. Mr. Salman Ahmed (Data Engineer at Turing) changed the game entirely with introduction of remote jobs for Engineering Professionals. He discussed about his role at Turing and skills and expertise required to be head – hunted as top 1 % by recruiting agencies. The talk went on the climax as he unwound multiple remote opportunities and track for people with Software engineering and Data Skills. People were amazed to see what they could do just at home.

As the event passed more than couple of hours, we delighted audience with another talk from Mr. Sohail Saleem (Freelancer Cloud DEVOps) – as he joined the stage he took over his talk passionately to motivate core software engineers to look on the horizon of Cloud and new jobs being created by the advent. He shared his journey and experience around freelancing for various foreign clients and enabled audience to understand popular new technologies that they should learn to move forward and progress in huge amount of monetary rewards that freelancing offers.

Next to his talk was a cooler period, and the audience observed a great session from Mr. Taha Anwar (Founder Bleed AI), who took over the stage to share his journey with experienced freelancers in the audience. Taha shared his background and how he started from a Freelancer to grow his firm to a stage where he has 4-5 employees working for his vision. He shared golden insights, learnings and processes from his experience for existing freelancers to scale up their single chair to many by following best principles and avoid mistakes he took.

It was an honor to have Dr. Shaukat Wasi Sb (Dean MAJU) as guest of honor at the event. He delivered his closing remarks and appreciated Karachi AI’s effort of having this wonderful event and gathering with staggering houseful count of 250+ participants. He appreciated the speakers with presenting souvenirs. Later Dr. Sb was presented with a Shield of honor for his valuable presence.

Following the event networking and snacks were served to engage audience in peer to peer networking. The event was also covered by various media outlets interested to showcase positive image of Pakistan in technology market.

Karachi.AI is a fellow chapter of City.AI a global community of Applied Artificial Intelligence practitioners situated in 6 Continents across 63 Cities of the World, organizing quarterly meetups and scheduled for next one in Dec 2022 to discuss latest trends in AI and learn experience from experts.

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