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Karachi AI - Meetup # 18 : Artificial Intelligence in Automobile & Rise of Large Language Models LLM


Press Release By: Mesum Raza Hemani (Founder), Dated: Sunday, 15th Oct 2023 @ AshreiTech @ NASTP Sierra, Karachi

The Karachi.AI quarterly summit took place on 15th Oct 2023 @ NASTP Sierra, Karachi in collaboration with AshreiTech @ NASTP, Sponsored by Diya Interactive. proudly partnered with CXO Global Forum, Sir Syed University Women in Tech, Hamdard AI Society and University Students, NED Automotive Department, Microsoft Student ambassadors, FAST NUCES ACM AI, and Python Karachi.

The event brought together experts from various industries to discuss the application of artificial intelligence in Automotive and the revolution of Large Language models (such as ChatGPT) in Software and Data Science space. The event was hosted by Mr. Muhammad Tauqeer from Karachi AI and he welcomed all the participants with zeal and introduced the event and its theme and provided an overview of the upcoming speakers and topics.

Eighteenth in the series and third event again onsite after COVID-19 Break, as ritual to begin with familiarity the event was initiated with the first talk to the audience about organization and its vision, and the importance of learning Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Skills. Under his excellence audience learned about the budding importance of Data Skills and cross domain innovation to put Pakistan in the winning lines. Mr. Mesum Raza Hemani also introduced audience with the organization’s activities, progress and performance.

Following him, Mr. Ghulam Soomro was called in to represent the idea behind AshreiTech and its wonderful facility for trainings.

The first half of the meetup was dedicated to AI in the Automotive Industry. Ammad Nadeem, CEO of VisionRD, led the audience into the world of self-driving cars and AI-based Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).

He showcased the mind-boggling future of transportation, where vehicles can navigate autonomously and ensure a safer and more efficient driving experience. It was a great pleasure to learn about Pakistani Startup working with global companies to localize level 3 autonomous driving and cutting-edge features of ADAS for Pakistani market.

Following him, Mr. Noman Sarwar, a Lecturer at Hamdard University, delved into the world of predictive maintenance and user experience in the automotive sector. He explained how AI is reshaping the industry by predicting maintenance needs and enhancing the overall user experience, leading to improved vehicle performance and customer satisfaction.

His demonstration introduced into the future of smart cars as self-healing machines by offering predictive maintenance guidance and features, companions of the journey and navigators of the destinations by smart assistant features.

As the last speaker of section, Mr. Mirza Umer Saleem (VP of Engineering at Trukkr), shed light on the significance of route optimization, traffic management, and governance in the logistics and transportation sector.

His presentation provided valuable insights into how AI can optimize logistics operations, reduce costs, and improve the flow of goods and services. Additionally he presented some insights into how AI can be used for Traffic governance and accident preventions from the monitoring point of view.

As all speakers concluded for the section a small 10 minutes Applied AI Clinic was observed for Audience to ask questions from Speakers presenting the segment. A small break was announced for participants to energize for next segment. After a short break, the focus shifted to Rise of LLMs and its revolution beyond typical content generation.

Arhum Ishtiaq, Co-Founder of ConnectHear, introduced newcomers to the LLM revolution, making it accessible and intriguing. He shared How LLMs work, what to expect, busted the myths and the exciting potential of LLMs and their applications, sparking curiosity and enthusiasm among the audience.

Huzaifa Kamran, a Data Engineer at TMC (TallyMarks Consulting), discussed how LLMs are reshaping the future of software development. He unveiled mind-blowing features in programming tools and introduced the audience to GitHub's Co-Pilot, a groundbreaking tool that enhances software development by providing intelligent code suggestions.

His entire talk provided a peek into the changing future of Software development and how AI especially large language models will take over mediocre task such as writing boiler plate code, fixing basic bugs and reviewing code for improvement.

The final speaker of the evening was Mr. Mesum Raza Hemani, Founder of Karachi AI and VP of Analytics at NBP Funds. Mr. Hemani provided a comprehensive explanation of data management tools and customization, highlighting their vital role in the world of AI and data-driven decision-making.

His talk introduced how ERPs are going to become smart, the BI tools will supercharge with AI capabilities to enabled Business users to reclaim analytics and data science space by lowering barrier to entry by natural language programming.

The audience were blown away by the fast forward into future of Analytical tools including newer applications including the rise of software 2.0 to solve complex business problem specially around text.

The Meetup concluded with a closing note from Dr. Muhammad Shoaib Arif, Project Director at the National Aerospace Science & Technology Park (NASTP) Karachi. He emphasized the increasing significance of AI in today's world and motivated attendees to continue their journey of learning and exploration in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

In the end he appreciated Karachi AI’s effort of having this wonderful event. He appreciated the speakers with presenting souvenirs.

Following the event networking and snacks were served to engage audience in peer to peer networking. The event was also covered by various media outlets interested to showcase positive image of Pakistan in technology market.

Karachi.AI is a fellow chapter of City.AI a global community of Applied Artificial Intelligence practitioners situated in 6 Continents across 63 Cities of the World, organizing quarterly meetups and scheduled for next one in Sep 2023 to discuss latest trends in AI and learn experience from experts.

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