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Karachi AI - Meetup # 10 : Artificial Intelligence in Delivering Data Science Applications

Press Release By: Mesum Raza Hemani (Founder), Dated: Saturday, 22 August 2020 @ Online Session, held in 4 Continents from Pakistan

The Karachi.AI quarterly summit took place on 22nd August 2020 on Online Meetup platform, in collaboration with IBM, AWS Community and 10 Pearls University. One of the biggest event of its own nature delivering world class quality workshops on Data Science Application Delivery in history of Pakistan. The Event was joined by students, professionals and leaders in Data Science from Pakistan and International World such as Knime US, IBM UK and PwC Canada.

Deca (10th) in the series and second last one for 2020, the event was initiated with the host from IBM Ms. Qamar-un-Nisa who welcomed the Founder Mr. Mesum Raza Hemani. He delivered the founder’s keynote to the audience about organization and its vision, and the importance of learning Artificial Intelligence and prospects of career in Data Science and Machine Learning. Under his excellence audience learned about the budding field and cross domain innovation to put Pakistan in the winning lines. He also introduced audience with the event theme and schedule which comprised of 4 National and 3 International Speakers. The founder also announced the remarkable count of 400+ participants registered for online session including 15% women from Pakistan.

The session started with the Mr. Mesum’s introduction to StreamLit, a framework for rapid frontend development in prototyping and analysis presentations use cases followed by a quick walkthrough of FAST API for backend creation and automatic API documentation. The participants were very much intrigued by the detailed explanation and implementation of frameworks and appreciated their heart out in the live comments, after talk the questions were also answered.

Followed by expert from IBM UK, Dr.Margriet Groenendijk joined the virtual stage to share the initiatives IBM has taken to democratize cloud in Pakistan through its value offerings and local data center hosting facilities. Her session involved introductory walkthroughs of IBM Watson Studio, Open Scale representing the IBM perspective and its services in AI.

Connecting with last talk IBM Developer Advocate Mr. Huzaifa Saleem from Pakistan introduced a hands-on demonstration on how masses can use a sample dataset in Watson Studio, refine it and then through AutoAI, identify churn customers who are at a risk of leaving the telecommunication company and switching to another. His perspective, command on tool was really appreciate and also everyone was excited to receive a free IBM Dev Account with Credits and Training Access.

The event observed a virtual break, which was followed by Introduction of budding Cloud Giant AWS led by Mr. Talal Shoukat from ADDO.AI. In his talk the audience were briefed about the AWS services relevant to Machine Learning and hands-on walkthrough of AWS ML Platform in an end to end fashion. Audience were quiet active in the session and many questions were asked around training and pricing of the platform.

Last in the cloud section the turn came for Google Cloud which was represented by Mr. Mustufa Ali around Computer Vision API and later presented for Tensor Flow machine learning in cloud by Google Developer Expert from Pakistan Mr. Aqsa who serves as a ML engineer at Red Buffer, an Islamabad based Data Intelligence Company. It was also great to learn about $300 credit for each participant to sign up cloud and try out services.

A short break was again observed to refuel the international session, the first international speaker from Knime US, Mr. Scott Finch who is a data scientist at Knime Analytics. He was very delighted to learn about the ML community in Pakistan and the potential this country has in information technology export. His session included a walkthrough of Open Source No-code ML platform Knime and gift for all session attendees to avail a free book worth $200 from Knime via promo code redemption.

In the last Mr. Moeez Ali joined from Canada, A Pakistani born Data Scientist serving PwC Canada and heading North America Center of excellence technical team, He is the also founder of PyCaret a world famous library for low code machine learning. Under his excellence all the participant enjoyed learning about the library and workflow of machine learning projects in an easy and hassle-free way. Each and every participant appreciated his rigorous knowledge and grip on scenarios of implementation.

The session completed with thanks to the collaborators of the event and Digital badges of participation were issued to 200+ attendees of the session co-authored by IBM for lifetime.

Impact Summary:

· 15% Female Participation

· 3 Intl & 4 National Speakers on Panel

· 95% Feedback Positivity Rate

· 5 Hours of Training Content Produced

· 40,000 People Reached on FB

· 200+ Digital Certificates Issued

Karachi.AI is a fellow chapter of City.AI a global community of Applied Artificial Intelligence practitioners situated in 6 Continents across 63 Cities of the World, organizing quarterly meetups and scheduled for next one in June 2020 to discuss latest trends in AI and share the learning experiences from implementations. Feel free to reach out for Media publishing. All the events pictures are uploaded on Facebook and Video on YouTube:

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