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Karachi AI - Meetup # 8 : Artificial Intelligence with Python (Pycon)

1. Shoaib Zafar @ VentureDive Serving in VentureDive as a Software Engineering Lead Has about 8 years of experience in the field with Python Currently working with Google Cloud Platform team on Open source project called Apache Beam as a contributor. Topic: DATA PIPELINING/STREAMING WITH PYTHON 2. Muhammad Naufil @ Islam360 & Rehan Allahwala Working with Rehan Allah Wala to invent Pakistan’s First AI Personal Assistant competitive to Siri/Alexa/Google. Also developed Google Action / Chatbot in Islam360 Secured 3rd position in Project Competition at Secure and Private AI Scholarship Challenge. Topic: SPEECH RECOGNITION APPLICATIONS WITH PYTHON 3. Taha Anwar @ Bleed-AI & Ex. EDVON Robotics Currently working with OpenCV team as CV Contractor He is also the Founder of Bleed AI. He Regularly Coaches computer vision techniques. His experience includes his association with Edvon Robotics Topic: COMPUTER VISION APPLICATIONS WITH PYTHON 4. Dr. Tafseer Ahmed @ Mohammad Ali Jinnah University, Karachi 20 Years of versatile teaching experience at notable Academic Institutions. Actively working on computational linguistics, text mining and machine learning. He was co-PI of the DAAD, German funded project “Urdu TTS”. Topic: NATURAL LANGUAGE PROCESSING WITH PYTHON 5. Rayan Isran @ SZABIST & Avery Dennison Mechatronics Engineering graduate, and active Lab Engineer at SZABIST Lab. He has also served as Technical Engineer @ Avery Dennison. He gained his Major experience in viz as Programmer Analyst at Elite. Topic: DATA VISUALIZATION WITH PYTHON 6. Danish Haroon @ K-Electric Currently serving as Manager Analytics at K-Electric, and Ex-Data Scientist at QorData, has 5 years experience of applying data sciences within the realms of energy, retail, and banking. An author of book on Python ML Applications Topic: MACHINE LEARNING WITH SKLEARN IN PYTHON 7. Samar Haider @ University of Southern California He is a Fulbright Scholar at the University of Southern California. He also serves as president of GRIDS, the University’s student data science organization. He was part of Fast.AI's pioneer DL class as first Intl. fellow Topic: DEEP LEARNING WITH PYTHON IN LOW-RESOURCE 8. Syed Danyal Khaliq @ TPL Corp Currently serving TPL corporation and A Dell EMC Certified Data Scientist. Has 9 Years with Software & Services Industry In Dev, Support and Data Science domains having worked with some prominent names Topic: INTERPRETING & EVALUATING ML MODELS 9. Baqar Abbas Jafri @ He is a Data Scientist and Co-founder at Finox Private Limited, an award-winning Fintech startup, providing financial data solutions to local and international clients. He holds over 12 years of experience in financial markets and data—driven financial journalism. One of the firm’s key projects is “”, Pakistan’s top financial analytics portal. Topic: DEVELOPING ROBUST MODELS WITH FINANCIAL DATA 10. Dr. Noman Islam @ PIAIC & AIFD Iqra University Noman is a research fellow, with core focus on academic inclusion for AI. He is a renowned for his services with PIAIC and Iqra University as Associate Professor and Head of Computer Science. He is a co-author of more than 50 Papers with countless citations for his work. Topic: DATA WRANGLING USING PANDAS/NUMPY 11. Rahim Rasool @ Data Science Dojo Rahim has been working as a Data Science Trainee at Data Science Dojo. He possess string interest in machine learning, astronomy and history. He has worked on various ML projects ranging from healthcare analytics, robotics and policy analytics. Topic: FEATURE ENGINEERING WITH FEATURE TOOLS Join the Grand Meetup!

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